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That Sing!

We've heard it a thousand times.  Pastors who hate children's messages; preschool teachers who aren't quite sure how to lead the music lesson; VBS leaders who are struggling to find a musical and interactive group experience.  One of the biggest challenges is coming up with new material week after week....after week.  Look no further.  




God's unfailing LOVE




Sing, Move, and Memorize will do five things

in any of these children's ministry lessons GUARANTEED:

1.  Teach a Bible verse that children will NEVER forget.

2.  Be musical, interactive, and fun for everyone involved.

3.  Leave children begging to come back for more.

4.  Give you easy-to-prepare material for 3-7 lessons.

5.  Put a Bible verse book in the hands of every family that walks through your doors.

PLUS: You can choose a Bible verse which coincides with the theme of your sermon, preschool lesson, VBS, or Sunday school story.  Themes include:



The Greatest Commandment

Children's Ministry

Check out what our Children's Ministry is all about with this short video!

Take advantage of my FREE Resource on The Art of Teaching a Song as a first step toward using this material.  Then, check out my free video lessons for teaching each of these books in whichever Children's Ministry avenue you need.  It's free, and it will give you detailed lesson plans and videos on exactly how to implement these lessons for a Children's Message, VBS, Sunday School Opener, or Children's Message.

The art of teaching a 

Children's Ministry Lessons

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."

-5 free printable lesson plans

-5 free videos demonstrating each lesson

-1 performance video 

-Designed for preschool age 3

-Easily modify for other children's ministries

"Though the mountains be shaken..."

-6 free printable lesson plans

-6 free videos demonstrating each lesson 

-Designed for early childhood enrichment

-Easily modify for other children's ministries

"Love the Lord your God with all your..."

-2 free printable lesson plans

-2 free videos demonstrating each lesson 

-Designed for children's messages.

-Easily modify for other children's ministries