Music for God's Glory

I'm willing to bet you have some musical ability. I am going out on a limb here, because it's not likely that I know you, but I am guessing that whether anyone has told you or not, you are a musical human being. Find yourself whistling or humming a tune? Join in with the radio on your favorite song? Play air guitar or drum on the table? There's music in there somewhere.

Why not use it for God's glory?

I'm not suggesting that all of you are going to be the star singer in a band or on your church's worship team. You may not be that musical. But you can use music for God's glory.

Memorize Scripture with a Song

We've found that music exponentially increases your ability to memorize something. Elementary school teachers have this method mastered. They use songs to teach young children all sorts of good knowledge. The alphabet, for one. Multiplication facts, letter sounds, colors, shapes, foreign languages, just about anything they want children to remember.

Why not give it a go with God's word? Memorizing scripture with a song is a great way to grow in faith! Try these simple steps:

1. Spend time reading the Bible. If you don't know where to start, try the book of John. It was written so that you may believe in Jesus and his saving work on the cross. The Psalms are another great place to begin and are full of poetic language intended to be sung!

2. When you come across a passage that is meaningful to you, stay there. Read it slowly. Let it sink in. Pray it. Listen to it. If its God's word, it's worth memorizing.

3. Here's something I'm just starting to do. Try being artistic with the passage. Write it out in beautiful fonts. Sketch a picture of the meaning of the verse. You can finds lots of tips on how to memorize the verse through artwork here.

4. Begin speaking the verse with a rhythm and flow that comes naturally from the text. Do any words rhyme? Is there a natural phrase structure?

5. Experiment humming a melody to the verse. Write the verse out on a notecard and take it with you on a walk, in the car, or post it on the bathroom mirror. Try out different music to the verse while you're out and about, and settle on something you like. I like to record it on my phone when I've stumbled on something I like...even a little. Then, I come back to my recording another time and work on it from there, developing it a little bit at a time. I often do this work by myself, just so I don't feel embarrassed at all of my lesser quality songs.

6. When you settle on a melody you like, stick with it! Sing it to your children. Sing it in the shower. The repetition will help you memorize the verse in no time, and you'll have it for...well for a lifetime.

7. Share your Bible verse song with us! Click here to find out how you can hear other Christian's songs and share your own. Invite your children to sing it with you, if you'd like.

Once you get the hang of the process, try it out with your children. Depending on their ages, they might experiment with their own melodies. Celebrate even the most simple efforts! Singing God's word with your children in order to memorize it may sound messy to your ears, but it's music to God's.

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