Publishing Efforts

Want to get one of these in board book form so you can snuggle in with your little one and not have them chew it to pieces?  So would we!  Our goal is to have these published to put a better product in your hands and to have a farther reaching impact to children around the world.

We need your help!

Publishers are looking for a large platform:  in other words, being well known and followed on social media- blogs, Facebook, Instagram, tv, radio, publications, etc.  I am largely a nobody in the social media world and have zero platform on my own.

Would you be willing to endorse my books on your social media site?


Do you know someone who gets thousands or millions of followers who you could connect me with?  

Any of the following areas could work:

-parenting blogs

-children's ministry: VBS, children's messages, children's choirs, preschools

-music education

-baby sign language


-promoters of memorizing scripture

Please contact me asap if you are willing to help!

Holland | Michigan | United States